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Ellie (6) and Zack (5)

Meet Ellie and Zack, two delightful children with hearts as big as the great outdoors they love to explore. Whether they’re splashing in the water, constructing cosy dens, or soaring high on the swings, their zest for life is infectious. Care to join in on their adventures?

Ellie, with her radiant smile and boundless creativity, thrives when she’s outside relishing every moment at the park on the swings, slide and her favourite.. the climbing frame. Despite past challenges, Ellie’s resilience shines through as she embraces new experiences particularly enjoying interactive games and activities that spark her imagination. Her love for animals is so sweet to see as she showers affection on her foster family’s pets, finding comfort in their presence.

Zack, a bundle of energy and endless enthusiasm, is a delight to be around. With his sunny disposition and easy-going nature, he effortlessly adapts to whatever comes his way. Whether engrossed in play or lending a helping hand in the garden, Zack’s genuine kindness and lovely manners never falter. He’s a social butterfly sharing toys and laughter with everyone around him, both young and old.

Together, Ellie and Zack form a dynamic duo, radiating warmth and joy wherever they go. With their shared love for the outdoors, animals, and creative endeavors, they invite you to join in their journey of fun and discovery.

Could you be the family for them?

Ellie wishes for a family that would provide her lots of love and attention and praise. Zack would like a loving family that provides him with lots of love, attention and fun activities activities. We’re very flexible with the type of family that we are looking for for Ellie and Zack and would consider both singles and couples, straight or LGBTQ+ with no upper age limit.

If you would like to know more about Ellie and Zack, please email Family Adoption Links Leicestershire.




Please not that Ellie and Zack are pseudonyms and whilst the images of the children are representative of what they look like, they are not actually them.

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