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Training videos and courses

Training – online videos and courses

From handy online training videos to free bespoke training courses, we are proud of the support we're able to offer our adopters. Take a look at the videos and courses below to see what suits you.


This series of bitesize training videos covers a multitude of subjects from sleep issues, to sensory modulation and navigating your child's journey through school. Our thanks go to Adoption Matters Centre for Adoption Support who kindly allowed us to use these videos.

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Understanding and Managing Child to Parent Violence and Aggression

Sensory Modulation

Navigating a child's journey in school

Neurodiversity and autism

Shame and self worth

Story steps - Life Story

Parenting with PACE

Sensorimotor Development

Sleep issues

Attachment and Play


We are keen to support our adopters/those who are applying to adopt through comprehensive training. Here are the details of our current online and in-person courses. All of our courses are free to you if you have adopted with us or if you adopted elsewhere more than three years ago and live within the counties of Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire.

To keep our adopters and their families safe and secure, details of venues and the ability to book on to these courses is in our 'Adopter only' area which is password protected. To book on to any of these courses, simply click the link below.

Visit our Training Hub
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Courses currently available

Early Permanence

During this insightful and interactive course, our friendly and experienced Social Workers will gently guide you through the Early Permanence route to adoption and offer you expert advice and tips.

Please note that this training is only available to people who are in at least Stage 1 of the adoption process and who have completed the Prepare to Adopt course.



Therapeutic Parenting Part I - Establishing a Good Foundation

Therapeutic Parenting is a highly nurturing parenting approach with empathy at its core. TP uses firm but fair boundaries and routines to aid the development of new neural pathways in the brain so that children may gain trust in adults.

In this course provided by ‘Changing Lives’ you will be given an invaluable insight into the world of Therapeutic Parenting, offered practical hints and tips to use with your own child/ren and helped to ensure your parenting journey runs as smoothly as possible.

Please note that this is an online, 2 part course and that the 2nd part will need to be booked separately.


Therapeutic Parenting Part II - Continuing to Build a Good Foundation

Building on the foundations and skills you learnt in Part I, the 2nd part of this course, delivered by Changing Lives, will offer you further practical hints and tips to aid your Therapeutic Parenting approach as your child grows.

Please note that this is an online course and you must have completed Part 1 to take part.


Family and Friends – Welcoming an adopted child (Leicester and Leicestershire adopters)

A good support network is vital for you and your child/children as you progress through your adoption journey. During this course, we will teach your nominated family member or friend about the adoption process, underline the importance of their role and give them invaluable hints and tips on how to help and support you and your child/children.

Please note that this event will take place in a central Leicester location.

Family and Friends – Welcoming an adopted child (Lincolnshire, Rutland and North Lincolnshire adopters)

A good support network is vital for you and your child/children as you progress through your adoption journey. During this course, we will teach your nominated family member or friend about the adoption process, underline the importance of their role and give them invaluable hints and tips on how to help and support you and your child/children.

Please note that this course is available in both Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire on different dates which you will be able to select when booking.

Family and Friends – Supporting an adopted child (Leicester and Leicestershire adopters)

After establishing the first set of skills to help your loved one and their child/children transition into their new family life, the second part of our innovative training course looks at adding to these skills and the different issues which may arise as the child gets older.

Please note that this course is run in a central Leicester location.

This course is suitable for the friends and family members of adoptive families who have children placed with them.

Talking about Adoption Part I

Talking about adoption can be difficult. In this course we cover how and when it’s appropriate to talk about your situation and advice that you can give to your child as they transition through their childhood.

This is a virtual, 2 part course. Please book on to the 2nd part separately.

Talking about Adoption Part II

This is a full day virtual course building on the foundations of part I with two experienced Post Adoption Support Workers.

This training is for adopters who want to understand how adopted children might make sense of their early experiences and how you can help them talk about their past using PACE, therapeutic parenting techniques and creative approaches to explore their inner world.

The Child’s Sensory World, an overview

This is a half day training course aimed at introducing the child’s sensory world to their parents.

The course will provide an overview of the sensory system, how this can be impacted by early childhood experiences, how this can affect the child’s behaviour in the home and at school and some ways parents may be able to help their children.

Non Violent Resistance Training

This NVR training will teach you new and effective ways to react to your child/young person. During this course you will learn that by developing a safe, calm, authoritative presence, you are able to change your reactions to behaviours, so behaviours change in response.

Prepare to Adopt Training

To ensure that you are fully prepared for adoption we offer a comprehensive 3 day course covering a variety of subjects including how to talk about adoption, what adopted children need, Therapeutic Parenting and more. Your Social Worker will book you onto this course as part of your preparation.

Living with a child with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Training

Take part in this unique course to gain an invaluable insight into living with a child with FASD and identify new resources to use with them.

Growing your family (adopting when you already have a birth child)

‘Growing Your Family’ training is for second time adopters, prospective adopters or foster carers who have a child or children already.

The aim of this 4 hour course is to…
· Explore how you talk about adoption to your child/children
· Teach you how to prepare your child/children for having a sibling through adoption
· Give you guidance on how to support your child/children to feel secure and loved when a sibling joins the family
· Talk about managing any potential rivalry

An Introduction to FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder)

This training will offer all that attend the opportunity to become more aware of the condition; its causes and effects, the impact that it can have on people with the condition and those they live with. It has been written to specifically address the nationally identified concerns with the collaboration of those working at the national cutting edge as far as recent developments in the FASD field are concerned. All of the training is based on professional and lived experience of working and living with affected children and young adults.

Adopting Siblings

Join our unique training to help you discover whether you could adopt siblings and the key points to think about when they join your family.

The sibling bond is one of the strongest there is and adopting siblings is an amazing thing to do. To support you, we offer this unique training course which covers the following areas:

-Thinking about adopting siblings, how many, of what age and gender
-Considering the individual and collective needs of siblings
-Thinking about the practicalities and impact of parenting siblings
-Considering what you could offer a sibling group
-Considering the children’s journey to adoption and issues around telling and contact

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“The training was really excellent and so insightful and helpful. The facilitators were so knowledgeable about the subject and shared with great empathy and understanding of the needs of the adopted child. We left really understanding that parenting an adopted child is very different and the role we can play in supporting the adopted child’s parents. Anyone who wants to know how they can be the best grandparent or family support to an adopted child needs to attend this workshop!”

A Grandad-to-be who attended our free Friends & Family training