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Otilie and Ludo

Meet Otilie and Ludo, two sweet little siblings who are absolutely full of character and love nothing more than playing side by side.

Otilie is a wonderfully confident little girl who enjoys nothing more than being outside, singing and listening to all sorts of different nursery rhymes. She loves playing with her baby dolls and will feed and change them and really get into the role of Mummy. She also loves to play with her tea set and has started to enjoy dressing up. Could you see yourselves having a tea party with Otilie and her babies?

Her little brother is called Ludo and we don’t think we’ve ever met a more chilled little boy.  He’s so content and really copes well with change. He loves adult interaction and babbling and cooing back in response and he rarely cries apart from if he is hungry or teething!

Ludo is a delight and loves nothing more than trying to shuffle himself around the room by scooting himself along the floor by his feet and lifting his bum up! He absolutely loves tummy time and the freedom that this brings.

Ludo enjoys being sung to, particularly nursery rhymes like ‘I’m the King of the Castle!’ and he really enjoys it when his foster carer drops her knees, whilst he is sitting on them during the rhyme! He is a bit of daredevil as this really makes him giggle!

Do you have your wet suit ready?! Ludo loves nothing more than splashing in the bath and getting everyone wet and he doesn’t even mind having the water over his face. He’s a real water baby!

Otilie and Ludo are looking for a single or couple with lots of energy who can nurture and support them and shower them with lots of love. If that’s you, please get in touch by sending us an email.

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