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Jessica (18 months) and Dottie (6 months)

Meet dynamic duo Jessica and Dottie – happy, playful and bright little sisters. Dottie has been with her foster carer since she was few weeks old (she’s now 18 months) and her birth mother had little Jessica 6 months ago.  She went into foster care at just a few days old.

Although they live separately at the moment, we’re looking for adopters to adopt both little girls together. With this in mind, their carers meet up to help them to start to form a sisterly relationship and they are so sweet together.

Jessica is a bright, inquisitive and very happy baby who loves to engage with people around her – looking at faces and offering a little smile when she feels comfortable and happy. She’s got a great appetite and prefers her bottles little and often, her carers are intuitive to this and can spot the signs when she needs a feed.

Her home is a busy one with lots of noise and people but she takes this all in her stride. She does prefer to be held and will definitely let you know that she doesn’t like to be left alone for any length of time.

She’s recently started to suck her thumb (how cute is that!)  and she particularly enjoys gently boinging on her bouncer chair watching what’s going on and doling out little smiles.

Big sister Dottie is one of the most confident and smiley little ones you could wish to meet. She’s got a brilliantly inquisitive nature, is meeting all her milestones and enjoys pulling herself up onto her push-along walker to move around the living room.

Dottie has flourished under the loving care of her foster family, she eats and drinks well, enjoys a great sleep routine and is settled and happy.

If you want to get Dottie’s attention, sit down and start reading, she’ll readily climb up and sit with you as she loves to be read to and look at all of the pictures as you point them out to her.

This girl’s also got rhythm and if you put some tunes on, she’ll be the first to start dancing and moving to the music all with a big smile on her cute face.

Finally, if you like the great outdoors, Dottie will be your best friend as she loves to walk and hit the park with her toys and a ball throwing it for anyone who wants to play.

If you’d like to find out more adopting these amazing little sisters, please contact Family Adoption Links Leicester.




Please note that Jessica and Dottie are pseudonyms and that whilst this photo is representative of what they look like, it’s not them.

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