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Halley (2)

Meet Halley, a cheerful and determined 2 year old with a radiant smile that lights up any room. She’s brilliantly expressive and her gorgeous little face can easily tell you what she’s thinking – whether that’s good or bad! Even when she’s frowning, it’s hard to resist her charm as she quickly returns to her trademark grin.

Like most toddlers, Halley thrives on routine, finding comfort in the predictability of bedtime rituals and the joy of splashing in the bath or lending a hand with household chores (yes even at her age!).

Halley loves a trip to the park where you can really see her playful spirit as she sings, dances, and explores with her beloved toys. Whether she’s pushing her pushchair or zooming around in her toy car, she embraces each moment with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Halley eagerly embraces her time at nursery, delighting in the company of peers and the opportunities for play and exploration it provides.

Little Halley came into care due to concerns surrounding neglect and her birth mother’s learning difficulties and mental health challenges. Since moving in with her kinship carer, she has formed a strong attachment and is making brilliant progress.

While there may be some delay in Halley’s speech development, her vocabulary is steadily expanding thanks to the ongoing support and encouragement she is receiving. Again like many little ones, Halley sometimes wakes in the night but readily settles back to sleep after reassurance, demonstrating her emotional resilience.

An emotionally attuned child, Halley expresses her needs and feelings with clarity, showing empathy when hurt or upset. She’s in good health with up-to-date immunisations.

What kind of family does Halley need?

Halley needs a loving and supportive family who can support and advocate for her as she grows. What your family looks like (single, LGBTQ+, older, younger), is less important than what kind of qualities you bring so why not get in touch with Family Adoption Links Leicester to find out more.




Please not that Halley is a pseudonym and whilst the image of her is representative of what she looks like, it is not actually her.

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