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Amara (1)

Meet Amara, an effervescent bundle of joy thriving under the care of her foster family. With her contagious smile and curious nature, she’s hitting all her developmental milestones with gusto. From sitting unaided to her first attempts at crawling, Amara’s journey is marked by progress and positivity.

Despite her petite frame, Amara is right on track with her growth percentiles. She has a healthy appetite, eagerly sampling new foods without fuss. When she’s not exploring the world around her, you can find her swaying to the rhythm of music, her favourite genre? Opera!

Amara’s days are filled with outings to the park and engaging playgroups, complemented by quality time spent at home with her foster family. While she’s currently the sole focus of attention in her placement, she relishes the companionship of other children she encounters daily, along with the playful antics of her new kitten friends.

Amara’s journey began in foster care at just three days old, a result of her birth mother’s substance misuse during pregnancy. Despite this challenging start, she arrived healthy and full-term, a testament to her resilience. Since then, she’s blossomed in every aspect of her development, a testament to the nurturing environment she’s in.

What kind of family we are looking for?

We’d like a family who share Amara’s mixed background or who could help her to embrace her culture as she grows. With a mixed racial heritage—her birth mother is of white and black Caribbean descent, and her birth father remains unknown—Amara’s story is one of embracing the complexities of identity and family. We’re seeking a loving family who can love her unconditionally, navigating the uncertainties of her background with grace and support.


Please not that Amara is a pseudonym and whilst the image of her is representative of what she looks like, it is not actually her.

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