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Sophie (4 months)

Sophie is one of the youngest babies that we are family finding for at just 4 months old.

She came into foster carer as a very young baby and you wouldn’t believe how tiny she was. Under the loving care of her foster carers she has made great progress and is smashing her milestones.

Sophie is such a bright, alert and content baby who loves to watch everyone around her and likes to know what you are doing. She’s just started to be more interested in the toys around her and will watch others play with them and respond with her lovely smile and giggles.

If you like shopping then Sophie would love to go with you, taking in everything she sees and attracting the attention of other shoppers with her lovely smile and blue eyes.

Sophie lives in a busy family with 4 other children, she loves it when the other children come home from school, rewarding everyone with cute giggles. She also loves her one on one time with her foster carers and snuggling up to them whilst they sing to her.

As she is still young, she wakes at 5am for a feed and a little play before heading off on the school run. After all that excitement and activity, she enjoys a little nap. Her foster carers say she really is a chilled baby who doesn’t cry for her feed, loves to roll around on the floor, has great head control and is able to sit up (with a little support) and enjoy watching the world around her.

Sophie isn’t at the stage of weaning yet but she enjoys watching the others eat and it won’t be long before she can join them!

She absolutely loves her bath time and has her last bottle around 10pm before sleeping restfully through the night.

We’re looking for a loving family for little Sophie, if you would like to know more, please contact Family Adoption Links Lincolnshire.

Please note that whilst this image is representative of Sophie, it is a stock shot and her name is a pseudonym too to protect her identity.

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