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Ralph (3) and Eva (2)

Ralph and Eva love each other very much and take great comfort in being around each other apart from when one has a toy that they other wants!

This cuddly duo are a typical brother and sister with Ralph loving to make his little sister giggle and Eva following him around like a little shadow all the time.

Ralph is a very affectionate and smart little boy who has a brilliant sense of humour. He loves physical affection and will seek out hugs and cuddles from his foster carers. He’s super friendly and a real bundle of energy.

Ralph loves to charge his social battery in the company of others, particularly older children and adults. He loves dancing, music, dressing up, cars and playing outside on his slide and trampoline.

Little Ralph is big into exploration and his perfect place to be would be a massive park where he could run, jump and discover new places to make dens and play.

Eva is a bundle of joy and has a bright smile, with very cute chubby cheeks! She’s funny, independent and is always up for a challenge or game! Eva can be momentarily shy around new people, but this is usually short lived and she’ll soon want to get involved in the fun. Like her big brother, she loves nothing more than a big cuddle especially when she wakes up. Eva’s key worker is delighted that she is meeting all of her developmental milestones and enthuses that “She’s a very inquisitive and an observant little girl who notices everything.”

Little Eva has a brilliant bedtime routine where she is lulled to sleep with her projector light, if she wakes in the night (this is rare),  she’ll happily self-soothe and go back to sleep.

The kids love animals and share their foster home with a cat, dog and elderly guinea pig. Eva in particular loves to get involved in feeding and caring for them.  In fact her perfect day would be filled with animals. Visiting a farm park so she could cuddle, stroke and feed them before charging around after her brother and enjoying a little tractor ride.

Since being with their amazing foster carer,  the children have made tremendous progress in terms of their health and development learning how to feed themselves, improving their speech and revelling in routines and clear boundaries.

If you choose to adopt Ralph and Eva, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be fully supported by Family Adoption Links Leicestershire, this would include….

– A full suite of free, online and in person training for both you and your support network including Prepare to Adopt (3 day training), Therapeutic Parenting Part I & II, The Child’s Sensory World, Family and Friends Part I & II and the Education Passport.
– If Ralph and Eva needs therapeutic services in the future, we can help you access funding by applying to the Adoption Support Fund.
– Social Workers that you can call with any queries or questions.
– Ralph and Eva will qualify for additional funding (£2300 per annum) which will be given to their school and can be used to enhance their learning.
– You’ll be given priority access to schools meaning your child will be able to attend whichever school best meets their needs.
– You may be eligible for adoption leave of up to 12 months. This also includes the right to time off during the introduction period before they move in with you.

What kind of family do Ralph and Eva need?

To reflect the children’s heritage and help them with their identity as they grow we’re looking for white and black African or white and black Caribbean parents.

If you’d like to find out more about Ralph and Eva, please contact Family Adoption Links Leicestershire


Please be aware that while these images are representative of the children, they are stock photos and their names have also been altered to safeguard their identity.

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