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Meet Otto, the sweetest little Paw Patrol superfan. This amazing 5 year old has flourished under the loving care of his foster carers and is now looking for someone like you to become his forever family.

So what’s he like? Otto had a tough start in life with little stimulation and lots of shouting and arguing going on around him. As a result, he couldn’t talk, was struggling to walk and didn’t even know how to play. Heartbreaking isn’t it?

Since settling in with his amazing foster carers, little Otto finally feels safe, secure and warm. He’s found his voice and just loves to chatter away. He enjoys jumping on the sofa for a big cuddle making up for all the love he missed when he was very small. He’s also walking, running, biking and sliding, revelling in all of the activities that a 5 year old loves.

His progress is also showing in his sleep. At night, he loves nothing more than snuggling up with Marshall (his favourite Paw Patroller) and his blanket as he enjoys a bedtime story.  Over time his nightmares have subsided and he now sleeps well. If he does wake, all he needs is to have a hug, be reassured that everything is OK and he falls gently back to sleep.

Otto has got a brilliant appetite and likes all sorts of food especially his fruit and veggies, he can use his knife and fork well and only needs a little help to cut up the hard bits.

He’s a budding Mathematician who loves his numbers and is great at them too. He’s proudly learnt how to dress himself and is always eager to start the day. His top 5 list of things to do? Playing with his Paw Patrol characters, reading books with you, colouring, playing in the garden and riding his balance bike.

Ideally we’re looking for a loving, supportive and nurturing couple with at least one positive male role model. Otto would also need to be the only child in the family so that he can receive all the love and care he so deserves.

If you decided to adopt Otto, Family Adoption Links Lincolnshire offer you a whole host of support which includes:

  • A full suite of free, online and in person training for both you and your support network including Prepare to Adopt (3 day training), Therapeutic Parenting Part I & II, The Child’s Sensory World, Family and Friends Part I & II and the Education Passport
  • If Otto needs therapeutic services in the future, we can help you to access funding by applying to the Adoption Support Fund. Find out more.
  • Social Workers that you can call with any queries or questions
  • He will qualify for additional funding (£2,300 per annum) which will be given to his school and can be used to enhance his learning
  • His nursery can also apply for the Early Years Pupil Premium which means there’s £300 of extra funding for every adopted 3 and 4 year old in early years education.
  • You’ll be given priority access to schools meaning he will be able to attend whichever school best meets his needs.
  • You may be eligible for adoption leave of up to 12 months. This also includes the right to time off during the introduction period before he moves in with you.
  • You may also be given priority for council housing. If you are living in council housing and claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit while waiting for her to move in, you can also apply for funding (Discretionary Housing Payments) so that you are not penalised financially while you have an empty spare room.

For more information or to speak to someone about Otto, please contact Family Adoption Links Lincolnshire






Please note that names have been changed for safety and security reasons and the image (whilst representative) is a stock shot.

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