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Josh and Toby

Meet Josh and Toby, two sweet little brothers who are waiting for their new forever family. Let me tell you about Josh first of all. He’s the quieter of the two who can be a little shy initially but who, once he warms to you, will knock you out with his heart-warming smile. The quickest way to get him to warm to you? Play football with him, this little one is football crazy and it’s his absolute favourite thing to do.

Under the loving guidance of his foster family and a great routine, Josh is thriving and eats and sleeps really well. He’s a big fan of ‘In the Night Garden’ and this and a lovely warm bath sends him off to sleep in no time.

Josh’s vocab is coming on in leaps and bounds as is his speech which is wonderful to see. He’s still behind most children of his age in reaching his developmental milestones so he’s having checks to see if this is from genetics or because of his difficult start in life.

He has a wonderful relationship with his brother and we are eager to keep them together so that they can continue playing cars and building sandcastles together.

Now Toby, the first thing you notice about Toby is his bright smile and how super cute he is. After his tricky start, he’s making brilliant progress every day. He too is behind other children of his age which may be due to the neglect he experienced before he came into care, but he also has been recently found to have a genetic microdeletion that is linked to intellectual disability. This means it is difficult to know what challenges Toby may face in the future and makes it even more important that his forever family can encourage him and celebrate every achievement.

Under the nurturing care of his foster family, his speech is developing rapidly and he loves books and nursery rhymes. He can now name all the animals in his picture book and loves the praise he gets for this. Toby also loves listening to music from his smart speaker. He got a new bike for his 4th birthday and is getting really good at riding it in the garden and in the house!

If you choose to adopt Josh and Toby you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be fully supported by Family Adoption Links North Lincolnshire, this would include…

  • A full suite of free, online and in person training for both you and your support network including Prepare to Adopt (3 day training), Therapeutic Parenting Part I & II, The Child’s Sensory World, Family and Friends Part I & II and the Education Passport
  • Should Josh and Toby need therapeutic services in the future, we can help you to access funding by applying to the Adoption Support Fund. Find out more.
  • Social Workers that you can call with any queries or questions
  • They will qualify for additional funding (£2,300 per annum) which will be given to his school and can be used to enhance their learning
  • You’ll be given priority access to schools meaning they will be able to attend whichever school best meets their needs.
  • You may be eligible for adoption leave of up to 12 months. This also includes the right to time off during the introduction period before they move in with you.
  • You may also be given priority for council housing. If you are living in council housing and claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit while waiting for them to move in, you can also apply for funding (Discretionary Housing Payments) so that you are not penalised financially while you have an empty spare room.

If you’d like to find out more about these amazing children, please speak to Family Adoption Links North Lincolnshire.










Please note that names have been changed for safety and security reasons and the image (whilst representative) is a stock shot.

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