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Isabella and Jayden

Meet Isabella and Jayden, the smiliest little siblings who are thriving in the care of their foster family.

These cuddly little ones have a wonderful bond with Isabella wanting to look after her little brother and Jayden looking up to and emulating his big sister who he loves dearly.

These little balls of energy love nothing more than a blast in the park. Isabella is wonderfully brave and shows no hesitation in climbing to the top of the slide or zooming along on the zip wire. Jayden has a brilliant curiosity about the world around him and enjoys exploring and getting into everything (like every toddler). He’s very strong and brilliant at climbing which is one of his favourite things to do (along with playing in water).

Both children are very affectionate and love to give and receive hugs. They live in a very busy household and enjoy being around people and being involved with whatever is going on in the house.

Isabella has a lovely nature, is kind and nurturing, great at sharing and has lots of little school friends who she enjoys playing with during break and lunchtime. She’s always keen to get involved in activities and is a brilliant chatterbox, regaling her foster family with tales of what has gone on in her day.

She’s also happy having quieter time playing in her bedroom engaging in imaginative play. Her creativity knows no bounds when it comes to arts and crafts and she has a fantastic imagination, often creating little worlds with all the objects around her and playing schools with her dolls, where they each get one of her many books to read.

Isabella’s little brother Jayden is a happy, giggly boy who has a great laugh. He’s intelligent, energetic and determined and his foster carers say that caring for him brings them lots of joy.

Music-loving Jayden loves to sing and dance along to his favourite song ‘Baby Shark’ in all its forms and he hums along to ‘Twinkle, twinkle’ and ‘Row your boat’ too.

When Jayden is likes nothing more than a cuddle with his foster carer on one side and his baby doll on the other.

Jayden likes being tickled, playing peek a boo, hide and seek and if you sing songs in funny ways to him. He will laugh along when others around him are laughing. Jayden loves older children and thrives on the attention of the three children in the foster family who all love playing with him too.

If you’d like to know more about adopting children like Isabella and Jordan, book a place at our next ‘You Can Adopt’ Information Event.

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