Privacy Statement

Family Action Links will only use the information you have provided for the purposes of managing your adoption process, your request for adoption support or adopted adults access to birth records. We will only ask you to provide the minimum amount of information we need in order to do this.

In order to provide this service it may also be necessary for us to exchange relevant information about you with other professional organisations, including partner local authorities, organisations and who provide statutory checks and references, organisations which provide matching services with adoptive children, organisations which provide adoption support services and organisations who support adopted adults seeking access to their adoption records . Your information is only shared where necessary and where the law allows it.

We will only keep your information for as long as is necessary, in line with statutory retention schedules.

All Family Adoption Links organisations have their own privacy notices(see links below, which provide you with further information relating to how they use your data

Lincolnshire County Council –

Leicester City Council –

Leicestershire County Council –

North Lincolnshire Council –

Rutland County Council –

Privacy information can be made available in alterative formats on request.