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Join us at our Adoption Information Event on 6/8/24

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With 57 babies and children awaiting families, we are looking for people like you to change the lives of these vulnerable children.

We have a range of children aged between 0 and 6 years old including sibling groups, children from BAME heritages and those with additional needs.

If you’d like to know more about adoption, please either get in touch or book on to our You Can Adopt event.

Who are we?

We are committed to a culture of inclusivity and diversity. Our mission is to unite children with loving families who will cherish and support them unconditionally and we know that culture and diversity bring richness to children’s lives. We welcome and celebrate families from all faith and culture backgrounds, including single parents, gay, bisexual, transgender parents and those who may live with disabilities. We commit to providing a safe, welcoming, and affirming environment for everyone involved in the adoption process, embracing the unique qualities and experiences that each family brings to the adoption journey.

As a Regional Adoption Agency we have 6 local authority partners – Leicester, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, North Lincolnshire, and Rutland. For the last 4 years, these teams have worked collaboratively to ensure excellence in adoption services.

We hope you find the information you need on our website but also wanted to let you know that our knowledgeable team are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, simply use the enquire button or give us a call.

Thinking of applying to adopt? 

Adopters from the Leicestershire and Leicester City areas…

FAL Leicestershire are currently welcoming applications for adopters of all types of babies and children.

FAL Leicester are also looking for adopters for all types of babies and children who live within a 60 minute drive of Leicester City.

Family Adoption Links North Lincolnshire

You don’t have to live in North Lincolnshire to adopt with Family Adoption Links North Lincolnshire. They are currently looking for families for children of all ages, particularly those able to keep siblings together or support children with additional needs.

Adopters in Lincolnshire

FAL Lincolnshire welcomes applications from Lincolnshire residents who are looking to adopt from any age range (babies to older children). They currently have a high need for adopters who are able to consider sibling groups and children with additional needs.

Adopters in Northamptonshire

FAL Northamptonshire are looking for adopters for all ages from babies to older children. They would particularly welcome applications for older children of 3 plus and sibling groups.


About Us
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It has been a joy to see two children change from being insecure and shy to confident. The love and happiness our children have brought us has been the best thing we have experienced. Adoption changes both your life and a child's life for the better.
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The children

we are currently family finding for

Lola (5) and Luke (3)

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Callum (1)

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Heath (1)

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Finn and his unborn brother or sister

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Arthur (1)

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Sophie (4 months)

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Our Adoption Services

Our partnership is made up of adoption teams from 6 different local authorities and we cover everything to do with adoption in our regions from the recruitment and training of new adopters to matching children with their new family and supporting them throughout their childhood and adolescence.

There is a wealth of experience and expertise within the partnership offering adopters significant benefits. From Therapeutic Play Specialists to Life Story Workers, Family Finding experts to Post Adoption Support Consultants, you will benefit from our fully integrated services.

With the majority of our partners rated as 'Outstanding' and 'Good' by Ofsted, you can trust Family Adoption Links to do all they can to make your adoption experience a success.

Family Finding professionals and a wider range of children to achieve the best match

Support from the moment you apply and throughout your adoption journey

Friendly, experienced and focussed adoption specialists

Thinking of adoption?
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Anton and Tony’s story

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Adopting William and Freddie is the best thing we have ever done. They are our children and we would not change a thing.

These powerful words come from Anton and Tony, a couple who recently adopted brothers William and Freddie with help from Family Adoption Links.

Lockdown was life-changing for all of us but especially for Anton and Tony as they brought their new sons William and Freddie home just before the first lockdown last year.

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